is there to FUCK everyone!

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Locked for ever

and thats it!

The crypto hood is full of shit and greedy liars who only want your money. All these motherfuckers get drive by shootin until they go to zero. That is my promise to y´all!

THe Purge

We are witnessing weird times. Once our neighbourhood was a treasure of thriving business where given words were valued more than a notarial certification. But today it’s just a godless place and a playground for disrespectful scammers with nothing more than the abject motive of getting rich at the expense of others.

At the formerly established corners of diverse districts Japanese mountain dogs, freakin frogs and other obscure creatures are now gaining strength and trying to sell their worthless glass beads as diamonds.

As a result of an apparently pathogenic lack of empathy and the absence of any social skills, they leave completely unsuspecting souls like you, who have been deprived of their belongings, behind in a trickle of dark yellow glittering dog urine, barely kept alive by the regrettable naive hope of a bull run.

I clearly dislike this bizarre development. In an attempt to describe my disgust seeing a Shiba Inu strutting through the hood with its tail draped high and anus bared, expecting its bottom to be groomed, would require the use of vocabulary so disturbing it would harm a sane mind.

But enough of that! Have you ever severed a frog's back legs with one skillful swing like a 3-star chef de cuisine? For me it’s the indispensable ritual of every morning.

Well, I'm just a charming and adorable bear looking for loyal brothers-in-arms to found an honorable brotherhood of steadfast bear-gentlemen with an extraordinary penchant for guns, no mercy and an obsession for wealth. So let's harvest money like honey, mates!

Your Dear Bear


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